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TagRequester is a software for automatic completion of metadata.

Your music files are automatically analyzed and identified.
In next step metadata is synchronized with a community database.
This works with even completely unnamed music files.

The title recognition is done locally, the necessary part of the database is downloaded automatically.
Only metadata and acoustic fingerprints are anonymously matched with the central database.

In contrast to TagComplete, the TagRequester is designed to give third-party software access to the recognition system.
The TagReqeuser consists of a local TagRequester module for the local title recognition
as well as several client modules which can be used as plugin for the Explorer or other programs.

The TagRequester has to be started first, it remains active as a tray icon
and executes the title recognitions which are started via the TagRequester clients.

TagRequesterClientGUI can be used as a simple plugin for various programs.
With the installation it is automatically provided via Explorer → Send to → Autotag.

The TagRequesterClientCMD can be used as a simple plugin for various programs or also in scripts for batch processing.
The file to be queried must be passed as a call parameter, the query result is returned as XML.
Details are described in the manual.

The TagRequester can also be accessed directly via an API.
Details are described in the manual.

64 Bit:

TagRequester (Installation)1.53Download

Privacy is important:
- the recognition of the titles is done locally
- only acoustic fingerprints and metadata are exchanged with the central database
- all data is transmitted anonymously, no personal data is collected