About us:

Project was started in december 1999 by Peter Lorenz.

Each user is free to participate in this project.
Whether through feedback, graphics, beta testing, advertising opportunities,
financial support, or in any other form.
Just fill in the "Support" area contact
if you are interested.

This project is created by users for users,
financed by voluntary donations from user.
If you like donate, click here

Graphic designers, testers, each user contributed:

At this point I would like to thank all
who participated in the project.

Whether through imaginative feedback,
active assistance in the project,
financial support
or advertising.

Special thanks to:
Paul S. - http://www.mxfx.de
Heiko Maul - http://www.powertemplate.de
Jens R. - http://www.qa-test.com
Volker Gropp "tric"